Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Breathing TechniquesRelaxation Techniques are the number one treatment for people with stress and anxiety. When a person learns to breath properly and induce a relaxation response in their body, stress and anxiety begin to melt away.

Because stress can result in a multitude of symptoms and can affect all aspects of our functioning it is highly recommended that everyone learn basic relaxation techniques.

Did you know that there is not a disease or illness that is not somehow affected, intensified or triggered by stress and relaxation breathing techniques are the number one weapon we have for attacking stress?

Enjoy the Benefits of Relaxation!

By learning relaxation techniques you can help yourself to manage your stress better and begin to improve your overall health. Relaxation acts to reduce heart rate, calm racing thoughts, and bring more oxygen to your brain and extremities. By practicing relaxation techniques over a period of time you may begin to experience…

  • Less muscle tension
  • Less overly analytical thinking
  • More peace
  • Greater productivity
  • Less fatigue
  • Sharper memory and concentration
  • Better quality sleep

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