About IntakeForms.net

As a licensed professional counselor having good forms available to me is important.  When I started my own private practice I needed a set of intake forms as well as progress notes and everything in between. Because I was pretty handy with Microsoft Word I studied all the different templates I had gathered up over the years, combined it with my experience as a professional counselor and designed a complete set of counseling forms that I now use in my own private practice.

Because I appreciate the time and skill it takes to create professional forms that streamline the entire clinical process I decided to offer my forms to other counselors who are in the same position. The forms I offer have been developed over a 10 year period. I enjoy using them and they have worked well for me and 100’s of other counselor’s who have purchased them for their own practices.

Unfortunately doing paperwork is part of the package of being a licensed professional counselor. Having the right forms makes that work all the easier. Having a professional set of forms to give your client upon intake also helps to make a good impression. On IntakeForms.net we offer a variety of templates for your private practice: Intake Forms, Progress Note Forms and a Private Practice Starter Kit. Hopefully these forms will help you to feel better about your own paperwork.

Wishing you all the best in your private practice!