Mental Health Counselor Business Tips – Part 1

Part of being a successful counselor is understanding your business, today’s social media and internet opportunities and how to take advantage of specific tools and business principles that can make your private practice successful. If you like what you hear in our business tips, please click the red subscribe button below this video (if watching on YouTube) so you will be notified when our next video comes out.

Here are 2 business tips for mental health counselors to get you started in the right direction…

1. Awaken your entrepreneur: Michael Gerber, author of E-Myth and Awakening the Entrepreneur Within, suggests entrepreneurial dreams worth pursuing are those that are mainly impersonal to the entrepreneur. An impersonal dream is a dream that helps to meet the needs of another person rather than your own personal dreams. And that should be your main focus as a counselor.

Personal dreams are defined as a means to an end that only benefit the dreamer and in the long run disappoint and leave a person wanting. Personal dreams tend to be focused on things: the bigger house, faster car, fewer wrinkles, and more bling. The impersonal dream tends to be focused on improving the lot of other people’s lives. Get out a piece of paper and write down your impersonal entrepreneurial dream.

2. Identify your niche in counseling: A niche is a specialized market as well as the specific thing you are best suited for. Success in a private practice or any business for that matter starts with developing your niche. What is it that separates you from the many other professional counselors in your local or online community?

A niche develops over time, but now is the time to begin identifying and shaping your niche. What skills, knowledge, certifications, techniques or ability do you have that others will benefit from that sets you apart as unique amongst your peers?

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Ready for more Business Tips – Here’s Part 2

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