Magnesium Rich Foods for Mental Health

Did you know that if you have mental health issues one of the first things you should do is evaluate your nutritional intake…i.e. your daily diet? That’s right, if you’re brain is not getting the right nutrition it is not going to work very well. For example not getting the right amount of magnesium in your daily diet can result in anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, restlessness, irritability and more. This video and article on Magnesium and Mental Health explains more about that.

Sadly, most health (sic) care providers are not at all well trained in the area of nutrition and the health benefits of prescribing a whole foods diet to their patients before prescribing harmful drugs. With conservatively 15% of the general population deficient in magnesium it’s important to make sure you have a diet with ample magnesium. The daily require is estimated to be 350-400 mg. This video explains some easy and delicious ways you can get the proper amount of magnesium into your diet to improve your mental health.

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