Speaking the Five Love Languages

Moving on now to the last of the five love languages, Physical touch.

Physical touch can be anything from holding hands, to back rubs, to a peck on the cheek or making love. As with all the love languages there are nuances and such.

A person might have physical touch as their primary language, but their spouse still needs to understand what kind of touch their husband or wife prefers…is it holding hands, long embraces, pecks on the neck…what is it?


Author Gary Chapman realized that it’s not just our spouses whom we need to communicate love to, but our children and teenagers as well.

So he wrote more books to help people express their heartfelt love most effectively to one another: The Five Love Languages of Children, The Five Love Languages of Teenagers as well as a Love Languages book for singles.

Love languages really are the expression of love that meets the emotional needs of your partner. In other words, we feel most loved when our emotional needs are being met. In fact that’s what gives us that tingly, in love feeling…getting our emotional needs met.



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