Easy Business Building Tip for Professional Counselors

Here’s one huge and very easy business building tip for Mental Health Counselors. Make sure the phone intake form you use includes a space to ask “How were you referred?”

It’s very simple – you ALWAYS need to make sure to ask how the individual was referred to you. This ties in big time with your business strategy. Because, whenever you have an opportunity to brand yourself, that means to sear your professional identity like a branding iron into the psyche of your community leaders and others that make referrals to you, you need to take advantage of that.

One way to do this is to send a hand written thank you card – always include your business card and let them know they can call you anytime. This is an important part of branding yourself and setting yourself apart in you community.

It’s also about showing genuine appreciation for someone trusting you enough to send a potential client your way. It doesn’t matter if the referral actually came into your schedule or not.The point is you want to acknowledge in a memorable way everyone who sends referrals your way.

Counseling is a very sensitive arena and it’s important that you convey and communicate your appreciation to those making referrals to you. This is not only a way to brand yourself, but it is acknowledging people in a genuine way…as simple as this is, it’s a very powerful medium, yet very few counselors do this.

Hope this helps…

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