Depression: A Disease of Civilization

According to Dr. Stephen Llardi, antidepressant use has gone up over 300 percent over the last 20 years. Further, 1 in 9 Americans over the age of 12 are taking an anti-depressent. Yet, the rate of depression is not decreasing and the problem has not be resolved.

This is one of the most exciting studies being done to as Stephen LLardi, professor of clinical psychology, says, “bring depression to its knees.” Llardi has been studying major depressive disorder and has treated hundreds of individuals with serious depression.

Major depressive disorder robs people of their ….

  • restorative sleep
  • their energy
  • their focus
  • their concentration
  • their memory
  • their sex drive
  • their ability to experience the pleasures of life
  • and for some it may even rob them of their will to live
  • Suicide claims over 1,000,000 lives each year

The good news is that Dr. Stephen Llardi’s research has discovered that major depression is a foe to be contended with through 6 life style elements, not medication.

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