Are There Natural Depression Cures?

A Review of The Mood Cure book

Are there truly natural depression cures? What about natural remedies for anxiety and other mood disorders? Well, cure is a strong word, but according to Julia Ross, therapist and author of The Mood Cure: The 4-Step Program to Take Charge of Your Emotions–Today there are very effective, natural remedies for mental health issues, like depression, anxiety and even eating disorders and addictions. Dr. Kenneth Blum’s brain chemistry research was a catalyst for Ross.

In his work with alcoholics and drug addicts he identified genes that could cause the brain to under produce potent “feel good” chemicals making his research subjects more vulnerable to addictions. What was more exciting than this discovery however, was the discovery that by administering his research subjects a few amino acid supplements, Blum could override the bad-mood genes and radically improve their moods.

Ross realized, that nutrients were the missing link in her own psychotherapy work. For over 20 years now, Ross has successfully combined nutritional therapies with counseling and seen 1000’s of clients experience great success. In her book, Julia Ross outlines a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment protocol to help her readers develop a personal master plan for treating their mood problems.

She also provides valuable information on the connection between food and mood, and effective supplements. For example did you know….

  • Saint John’s Wort outsells Prozac in Germany?
  • An imbalance in your hormones can cause depression or anxiety?
  • Having difficulty sleeping is a symptom of depression?
  • Certain amino acids have out performed antidepressants?
  • What you eat can have a significant impact on your mood?
  • Soy products have a number of negative mood and health effects?
  • Sugar (in all forms) has profound harmful effects on mood and health?
  • Common allergic reactions include angry outbursts, hyperactivity and depression?

In The Mood Cure , Ross expounds on all the above questions and many more. She also provides an easy to understand and well organized program to help her readers diagnose and treat their mood disorders safely through what she terms “good-mood foods”, along with a host of basic and reparative supplements.


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