Motivation For Counselors And Life Coaches


Just because we are counselors, that does not mean we always have all of our ducks in a row, don’t struggle with anxiety, depression or just plain ole procrastination! Writing down words of encouragement that speak to our individual situations can be a powerful tool in helping oneself to overcome the mental obstacles many of us struggle with from time to time.

Below is one of my own personal tools I’ve used for years to help get me through times of laziness, procrastination and depression. Feel free to modify the words below and make your own. Make sure you keep it handy and read it out-loud to yourself every morning and evening.

GET UP!! The first rule of success is just show up!

Rejoice! This is the day
the LORD has made!!

Life is too short-Don’t waste precious opportunities

You have work to do

Goals to achieve

Dreams to make a reality

Children who need help

Marriages that need healing

People who want to be set free

Eliminating 1 hour of TV or Facebook each day = 9 work weeks

Eliminating 1 hour of sleep 5 days a week = over 6 work weeks

You can’t have what you want,
if you are not willing
to do what it takes

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