Intake Forms for Counseling

Intake Forms for Counseling have a specific purpose. That purpose is to help the mental health counselor or other health care professional to collect adequate information from their client in order to:

  • Properly assess the client
  • Identify suitable goals with the client
  • Begin appropriate treatments and interventions

These forms are designed to collect the above information and are easy to read and well organized for both the counselor and the client to use. Further the forms provide prompts to help the client provide all necessary information not just spaces to write in their history as client’s do not realize what details are truly important for their counselor to know.

To save time and ensure accuracy of the information provided, we recommend you give helpful instructions to the client on completing the intake forms for counseling such as:

  • The time suggested for completing the forms (i.e. 1 hour for completing)
  • Please complete each section (Check off each box and answer each question)
  • If something does not apply to you, please indicate with n/a (not applicable)

Our Intake forms for counseling package was created in Microsoft Word and includes forms that allow for collection of :

  • Client’s biopsychosocial history – thorough 5 page form
  • Release of information for other health care practitioners or counselors
  • Personal information: i.e. name, address, date of birth, emergency contact etc.
  • Insurance provider and assignment of benefits
  • Information and Consent for Treatment ( useful for face to face eCounseling)
  • Assessment form for summarizing the entire intake

For more information or to purchase one of our forms kits for your counseling practice go to Intake Forms for Counseling.

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