Intake Forms for Counseling

Intake Forms for Counseling

Updated with New DSM V Formatting for 2015

Quality counseling begins with a comprehensive Intake Assessment

These intake forms for counseling are available for immediate download and were designed by and made for mental health counselors. This intake forms for counseling packet includes all the forms needed to collect the client specific information a professional needs to conduct a proper client intake and make a diagnosis or/or a clinical impression.

Whatever your clinical style
these Intake Forms have you covered!

  • Do you work with children and adolescents? These forms have you covered!
  • Do you work with adults? These forms have you covered!
  • Do you use the DSM V diagnostic criteria? These forms have you covered!
  • Need intake forms that do not use DSM V criteria? These forms are for you!

The 6 forms included in this Intake Forms Kit are:

  1. Five page comprehensive Biopsychosocial Form (adult version)
  2. Five page comprehensive Biopsychosocial Form (under age 18 version)
  3. DSM V Intake Assessment that dovetails perfectly with Biopsychosocial
  4. Non DSM Intake Assessment that dovetails perfectly with Biopsychosocial
    (The 2 versions are for therapists using DSM V diagnostic criteria and for those therapists who are not using DSM criteria)
  5. An Abbreviated Intake Assessment with DSM V criteria)
  6. An Abbreviated Intake Assessment without DSM format)

Would you like to see what these forms look like?

  • To view a sample of the Adult Biopsychosocial click here
  • To view the Child Biopsychosocial click here
  • To view the 2 page Intake Assessment DSM V version click here
  • To view 1 page Intake Assessment with non DSM criteria click here

For $19.97 you get all 6 forms PLUS forms are…

  • Created in Microsoft Word and are Windows and Macintosh compatible
  • Easily modified to include your own logo by double clicking on the header
  • Created to be printed out and completed by hand
  • Covered by a 30 day, no risk, guarantee
  • Also in PDF format so no need to have Microsoft word – just click and print
  • That’s a total of 12 forms to select from!

These forms will help you create a seamless flow
in your intake assessment process.

Click below to download and begin using RIGHT NOW


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I almost forgot
….I’m throwing in a BONUS form at no extra help round out your intake assessment for your child clients you will receive a

  • Child Psychosocial for the primary caregiver to complete
  • To view a sample of the Child Psychosocial Bonus click here

Counting the Cost…

  • How much would it cost to have professional Intake forms developed for you?
  • Forms you can personalize and use over and over and over?
  • How much time and frustration would it cost you to create a set of comprehensive intake forms yourself?

I know how much time it takes, I did it for my own practice and decided to pass on the benefits of my forms to you…to save you time, frustration and money!

I am making this professional packet of Intake Forms available to you for a fraction of the cost of 1 client’s what you will get for only $19.97

  • Biopsychosocial for Adults
  • Biopsyhosocial for under 18 years old
  • Intake Assessment with DSM V(spaces to summarize the biopsychosocial, conduct mental status exam, add your clinical impression and make a dignosis)
  • Intake Assessement

for only $19.97 you can download professional, streamlined intake forms to use
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The 5 page biopsychosocial intake form, prompts to collect information on:

  • Name, date of birth
  • Reason for seeking counseling
  • Problems and symptoms (list of 44 to check off)
  • Mental health history
  • Legal issues
  • Abuse history
  • Substance abuse history
  • Medical history
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Social relationships
  • Family of origin
  • Developmental history
  • Sexual history
  • Spiritual history
  • Nutrition, exercise and body image
  • Goals for counseling
  • and more…

Your Intake Forms Tool Kit can be downloaded immediately
for $19.97 by clicking the button below…

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